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About Us

Who We Are:

    Well "we" is essentially just me, Eric B. I am the company founder, marketing manager, lead designer, college junior and proud owner of a 2004 Azure Blue Mach 1. My goal is to bring to you a collection of unique and exciting pieces of automotive apparel and accessories. All of our products are designed by either a freelance designer I have hired or me (most of them are me). We do not dropship products from overseas, you will never find any of our products on Aliexpress! 


    That is a good question to ask. I have always been a gearhead and I was looking for my first car before I could even drive. I had always been a muscle car guy growing up coming from a muscle car family. However as I went to more and more shows I got to see more and more awesome cars. I learned to appreciate and love all types of cars whether they be JDM, European, or exotics. There is too much toxicity in the car community, especially for a community that shares such a strong common bond. This site and community is for all car lovers to share their passion and connect with each other.